Service Delivery Management Simulation 

September 29, 2022


Explore Business Dynamics

A Management Flight Simulator

Most service delivery organizations are facing a constant struggle to manage the workforce. Thee imbalances between service backlog and service delivery capacity are challenging. This has an impact on customer experience, efficiency, employee satisfaction and financial performance.

In this management flight simulator your can explore the dynamics of a service delivery organization. The simulation is based on a system dynamics model, developed by WITTIGONIA insights.

Watch the introduction video tutorial and demo of the simulation below or on the WITTIGONIA YouTube channel.

Enjoy the learning experience and insights.

Service Delivery Management Simulation

Video Tutorial

Video tutorial and demo.

About this management simulation

Service Delivery Management Simulation | WITTIGONIA Web
Service Delivery Management Simulation Wittigonia system dynamics model by wittigonia insights

Service Delivery Management Simulation. Explore the dynamics of a service organization. Based on a System Dynamics serios game by WITTIGONIA insights.

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Operating System: Web based

Application Category: Management Simulation

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  • A free service delivery management simulation.
  • Turn-by-turn game simulation.
  • Based on a system dynamic model.
  • Suitable for single player and team workshops.
  • Includes a video tutorial.


  • For training and eduction purposes, not intended for operational use.

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