We help our clients with data-enabled planning, decision making and optimization.

WITTIGONIA data analytics and systems practice

We are working with our clients to support planning, optimization and decision making with data analytics and system dynamics models and simulations. 

Finding the path to sustained performance is challenging, especially in complex and dynamic business and social systems. We are developing and using dynamic models to surface new insights for growth and performance improvements.

Enterprises and organizations have an opportunity to leverage data insights and to create and empower new capabilities from R&D to marketing, sales, service and support.  

How we help our Clients

Data analytics

System Dynamics Modelling

System dynamics models and simulations help to understand and manage change over time. The feedback structure of the business and delivery system drives the behavior. With system dynamics insights new policies, products and processes can be designed. 

Policy Analysis

With policy analysis performance scenarios can be analyzed. The business model and system can behave differently when parameters change and feedback loops change their impact. Policy analysis helps you identify leverage points, performance drivers, interventions to achieve the results you are looking for. De-risking products and businesses is a major contributor to sustained success and resilience.

Data analysis

New opportunities are hidden in data. With advanced data analysis you can surface insights and create new products, processes, campaigns and initiatives.  

Digital Twins for Simulation

Digital Twins are a model of your business and delivery systems. Interacting with digital twin simulations can help you anticipate problems and design better products and customer experiences. 

Dynamic Risk Analysis Models

The risk profile can change over time. It is important to understand risk exposure of projects, customer base, products and business systems. A dynamic risk analysis can help you de-risking and safeguarding performance. 

KPI Dashboards

Management KPI Dashboards

With a management KPI dashboard you have a key metrics at your fingertips. We specialize in creating coherent dashboards which let you monitor performance over time and discover growth insights. 

Dynamic Balanced Score Cards

The balanced scorecard brings different review dimensions together: People and Organization, Financials, Customer, Operations. But the metrics are connected and change over time. Therefore, we believe that a dynamic and stock-and-flow consistent scorecard better supports the management process. 

Report Automation

Automated reports help your team to stay on top of trends and changes in key metrics. The reports support your rhythm of the business and review cycles. Save time and and be prepared before team meetings.

Scenario Simulations

Simulating performance scenarios helps you to fast forward into the future. Assess different strategic options and resource allocation and check how the scenarios can play out over time. This dynamic scenario simulation supports the strategy definition, risk management and resource allocation. As a result the organization can prepare, seize opportunities and de-risk the strategy implementation.

Management Simulation

Online Simulations

Management simulation games are a great way to accelerate competency build up through experiential learning. Build the skills and competency to manage complex systems in dynamic situation. 

Management Simulation Workshops

In our facilitated workshops you can explore key business issues with simulations. Surface the hidden dynamics which result from decision making under uncertainty in dynamic and complex environments. This is not only great for team building but also for discovering gaps. 

Serious Game Simulations

In workshops with our clients we are using high quality serious game simulations. This can be multi-player games in virtual or onsite sessions. The simulations range from marketing and sales, supply chains management, HR and recruiting to leadership and team dynamics. 

Systems Thinking - System Dynamics

In the increasingly complex and connected world organizations and enterprises need to develop and apply system thinking approaches. We believe that organizations need to go beyond systems thinking and need to develop system actors. The future performance and attainment of sustanability and resilience goals depends on this competency.

Featured Capabilities

Digital Marketing KPI dashboard LookerStudio PowerBI by WITTIGONIA digital

Dynamic KPI Dashboards

We specialize in guiding you to build dynamic dashboards which capture the feedback structure of your business. 

Management Simulation for Sales Pipeline and Workforce Planning

Management Simulations

Surface the dynamics of complex systems. Build organizational competencies with an experiential learning approach.

Dynamic Workforce Planning Simulation by WITTIGONIA insights

System Dynamics Models

Feedback rich simulation models help understand the change over time in complex, non-linear systems. Anticipate challenges and set the right course and policies.

Data Insights for Planning and Optimization

We belief that data insights and system leadership capabilities are a key enabler in business enterprises and public organizations.

Management KPI dashboards play an increasingly vital role in advancing the organizational resilience, agility and competitiveness in increasingly complex markets. 

Featured Competencies

System Dynamics Modelling

Development of models for dynamic simulation, scenario planning, policy analysis and optimization.

  • Vensim, Ventity, Stella
  • Anylogic, Anylogistics
  • System Dynamics Models (SD)
  • Agent Based Models (ABM)
  • Discrete Event Models (DEM)
  • Mixed Model Simulations

Management Dashboards

Systematic development of coherent management KPI dashboards. Capturing the feedback structure of your business system.

  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Google LookerStudio
  • Data Connectors
  • Google Analytics
  • Dynamic Balanced Scorecards

Management Simulations 

Interactive management game simulations and workshops for building system thinking and system actor capabilities.

  • Multiplayer Simulations
  • Online Simulations
  • Serious Game Simulations
  • Training Workshops

Online Surveys

We support creation and analysis of stakeholder surveys from research design to change management. 

  • Qualtrics
  • Lime Survey
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Google Forms
  • Survey Monkey

Data Analysis

Advanced analytics and predictive modelling can surface new insights from data. Find the drivers of performance.

  • Predictive Analytics, ML
  • R, Python
  • Project Risk Simulation

Digital Twins

A digital twin simulation can help you to explore performance scenarios and inform your decisions.

  • Marketing Funnel Digital Twin 
  • Supply Chain Digital Twin
  • Recruiting Process Digital Twin
  • Workforce Planning Digital Twin

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