We help our clients with creating digital strategies, performance marketing and data-enabled optimization.

WITTIGONIA digital marketing agency

We are helping our clients to create digital marketing capabilities. Digital marketing and sales offers an efficient and scalable approach for business growth.

But many businesses are not discoverable in search engines and social media platforms. And they are struggling to generate a sustainable flow of prospect customer and potential talents to grow the business. As a result, the business is facing challenges in this vicious cycle.

How to enter a "flywheel" - a virtuous growth cycle.  

How we help our Clients

Marketing strategy

Performance Marketing

Digital performance marketing helps you get the most out of your budgets and assets. 

Organizational Capability

Development of in-house digital marketing capability. Organizational development. Marketing coaching. 

Brand Experiences

Evolving the experiences with your brand from perception to interaction. Product and service brands as well as employer brand propositions.

Privacy-Centric Marketing

Implementation of best practices. Consent management and opt-in. Consent rate optimization to maximize the quality and legitimate use of data.

Campaign Optimization

Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing agency partner we provide campaign setup, management, and optimization. Our spectrum includes performance marketing, creative and brand optimization and marketing analytics.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

With SEO, your website and content becomes more discoverable. More visitors are coming to your website.

Search engine optimization for better discoverability in Google, Bing and other platforms. Google Business Profile optimization. Page experience optimization. 

CRO - Conversion Rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization help you turning visitors into customers. Your time to revenue and return on ad marketing spend increases. Identifying the bottlenecks is essential to unleash an inflow of prospects into your marketing and sales funnel.

Campaign Optimization

Digital marketing campaigns need to be tested, monitored and optimized. An optimized campaign delivers better results: better customer acquisition, lower cost, higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

Management KPI Dashboards

A management KPI dashboard gives you near real-time information in a compact format. The interactive dashboard lets you discover insights without having to jump into each platform.

Scalable Growth Marketing

Full Funnel Campaigns

A full funnel campaign includes ads to maximize awareness, website traffic, and conversion actions.

e-Commerce Shopping Campaigns

With e-Commerce shopping ads you show your inventory and offers to in-market customers with search intent and shopping intent. 

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

With search engine ads you can capture top positions in search results and drive more traffic to your website, shop and sales pages.

SMM - Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to reach customers on their preferred platforms. Build your community and drive in-market customers to your product and service sales pages. 

The distribution of content on social media platforms can help you develop an audience and strengthen your perceived domain expertise. 

Email Marketing Automation

"The money is in the list". The customer and mailing list you own and build, helps you activate your customers. it also reduces the risk of becoming too dependent on marketing platforms. 

Email automation helps you engage potential and existing customers efficiently. 

Featured Capabilities

Recruiting Funnel Metrics and Hiring Process KPI

Recruitment Marketing 

Effective digital recruitment marketing provides not only a flow of candidates. It builds and nurtures a candidate audience and talent pool.

Privacy centric marketing by WITTIGONIA digital agency

Privacy-centric Marketing

In the "privacy first" era, consent management and optimization has become a business-critical capability. Trust and performance go together. 

Google Page Experience optimization for discoverability WITTIGONIA digital agency


Discoverability is a moving target. Businesses need to understand, monitor vital metrics and optimize websites and digital assets.

Brand reach and discovery by WITTIGONIA digital marketing agency

Brand Discovery and Reach

Selecting the appropriate platforms and suitable brand discovery campaigns unleash new addressable markets. 

Digital Marketing KPI dashboard LookerStudio PowerBI by WITTIGONIA digital

Management KPI Dashboards

Our systematic approach helps business to create coherent management KPI dashboards. 

eCommerce marketing shopping ads by WITTIGONIA digital agency

eCommerce Marketing

Selling online provides enormous efficiencies of scale and reach. Optimizing targeting and conversion is vital.

Finding winning digital marketing recipes

There are many best practices, which can be readily adopted quickly. But there is no single winning recipe which works for all clients in all markets. Therefore, a winning recipe needs to be developed systematically. 

We are working with you and your team to surface growth insights and turn them into initiatives. This data-driven, test-driven , agile approach informs development of a coherent digital marketing and sales approach.

As a trusted digital marketing agency we are woking with known brands, business and institutions to help growing and optimizing their online marketing performance and results.

Featured Marketing Platform Competencies

Google Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

Google Advertising

Search, video, shopping, display ads. Search engine optimization.

2024 Microsoft Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital, Heidelberg, Germany.

Microsoft Advertising

Search, LinkedIn profile targeting, shopping, display ads.

Amazon Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

Amazon Advertising

Brand and product ad campaigns in international markets.

Pinterest Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

Pinterest for Business

Brand discoverability and customer engagement. 

LinkedIn Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing and sales engagement. Content strategies.

TikTok Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

TikTok Advertising

TikTok offers an efficient way to test and scale ads. 

Instagram Ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

Instagram Advertising

Social media marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Facebook ads Partner WITTIGONIA digital

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook for reaching customers and talents.

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