“A profitable idea,- pays for itself”

Thomas Wittig

The idea,- Podcast

With your podcast host Thomas Wittig

Listen to ideas, strategies and tactics to help you accomplish your goals and success. The topics in this podcast are about business, marketing, people and HR, technology, data and system science, productivity and leadership. 

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idea,- Podcast

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A podcast brought to you by WITTIGONIA

The idea,- cast comes in two language versions: English and German. Some topics are similar on both podcasts. And you will find some episodes with topics and content which is specifically designed for the german speaking audience and region. 

You can submit your question and feedback as a voice message. We will review each message and we love to consider contributions from you and our listeners. 

To submit a message to the English Version click here.

And to submit a message to the German Version click here

To schedule your interview please contact us

The Podcast Editions

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idea- Podcast | English Version

Actionable insights from our work: Digital, Insights, Experience Design and Impact. This is the english version of the podcast. 

  • Ideas, Strategies and Tactics
  • Business, Products, Leadership and Personal Productivity 
  • Participate: Send your questions and feedback as voice message. We will be happy to consider your input for a future episode.
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idee,- Podcast | German Version

For our german speaking listeners we also provide a local language version of the podcast. ...more

  • Similar content like the english version. 
  • Special interest topics for the german speaking areas. 
  • You can submit questions and feedback for consideration. 

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