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For enterprise customers who are looking for data analysis and simulation to support planning and decisions we provide a range of system and data science services. 

Dynamics Business and Management Simulations by WITTIGONIA insights

Stakeholder Feedback Insight Analysis

What do your stakeholders want and how are your products, services and brands perceived? Understanding stakeholders is key to deliver optimal performance. This applies to customers, employees and ecosystem partners. 

  • Systematic Feedback Analysis
  • Stakeholder feedback survey design
  •  Analysis and report of results
  • Advanced statistics and multivariate driver analysis
  • Strategy conference and large group workshop facilitation
Strategic Scenario Planning Workshop Quantitative Simulation WITTIGONIA insights

Dynamic Business Simulations for Insight

Explore strategic issues and questions such as:  

What are potential performance scenarios?

How do they play out over time?What can be done to optimise performance, resilience and adaptability of the business system?

  • Strategic Scenario Planning
  • Management Simulations
  • System Dynamics Modeling
  • Agent Based Modeling
  • Discrete Event Modeling
  • Experience based learning workshops and trainings using simulations
Management KPI Dashboard Development GDS Power BI WITTIGONIA insights

Management KPI Insight Dashboard Design

Timely, relevant and reliable information is essential for analysing and optimising business performance. 

With Management KPI Dashboards you have the vital signals from your products, processes and listening systems available. 

Have informed discussions for decision making. 

  • Analysis of your strategic business performance structure
  • Identification and optimisation of KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Dashboard design in tools such as Microsoft® PowerBI® and Google Data Studio
  • Management Business Review Support
Project Risk Analysis Simulation by WITTIGONIA insights

Project Risk and Impact Analysis

Do your projects tend to run late and over budget? High impact and high risk projects require careful planning and management. With project risk modeling you can reduce the risk factors. 

  • Risk Modeling
  • Dynamic Simulations 
  • Analysis of drivers for quality, cost and schedule attainment
  • Project Management Consulting

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