Digital Copy Writing (f/d/m)

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Digital Copy Writing (f/d/m)

Digital Marketing, Website, SEO, Social Media

For our client projects we are looking for digital copy writing experts to work with our teams:

Job Details:

  • Planning, writing and optimising amazing and high performing copy text for websites, ads and videos.
  • Keyword research and planning.
  • Competitive SEO analysis with a focus on engaging and conversion oriented copy.
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO optimisation
  • Video SEO copy and optimisation

Digital Copy Writing Experience:

  • Keyword research.
  • Competitive analysis experiences with a focus on copy and text content.
  • Copy writing skills.
  • Copy writing work flow management and optimisation.
  • Digital Marketing and Online Publishing..
  • SEO and Conversion focused copy.
  • Social media copy writing experience.
  • 5+ years working experience.
  • Content Management System (WordPress).
  • Languages minimum: English, professional or native level.
  • Languages desired: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and other languages are a plus.
  • Certifications from Google, Bing, Facebook welcome.

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WITTIGONIA® is an innovation and growth partner for high-growth, corporate, and public sector clients. We provide advisory, digital consulting and solutions, and analytics insights for planning, optimisation and decision support.

As an employer we welcome and appreciate diverse backgrounds. WITTIGONIA is an equal opportunity employer.

Agile, remote and flexible teamwork and service delivery are our standard work mode. We trust our team members and contributors.

The company was founded in 2014 by Thomas Wittig, CEO of WITTIGONIA. Our work with clients usually involves four main areas:

WITTIGONIA digital provides digital marketing services and solutions such as advertising, SEO, SEM, SEA, CRO. We are also supporting customers in enhancing business processes with automation, analytics and assisted artificial intelligence solutions.

WITTIGONIA insights provides analytics, simulation, data science and research. A focus area is on stakeholder experience optimisation. In our Data and Systems Practice we are offering statistical analysis, statistical data modelling, System Dynamics Modelling, Agent Based Modeling, and Discrete Event Modelling.

WITTIGONIA DX – digital experience provides planning, design and optimisation of customer experience, employer branding and candidate and talent experience.

WITTIGONIA impact advisory provides management consulting services for strategy, implementation and optimisation for businesses and organisations.

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Do you know of talents in your network who would be a good fit for this opportunity? Thank you for sharing this post in your network.

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