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Digital Marketing Agency

For brands and enterprise customers who want to increase website traffic and conversion, our digital marketing and online advertising services provide a range of options. Improve reach, performance and profitability of your digital marketing campaigns with a data-driven optimization. As Digital Marketing Agency we offer our certified and accredited know how to you. 

Digital Marketing Growth Insights

Your Growth Insights Report

In our initial talk about your situation and goals, we provide first ideas and tipps. After analysing your situation we provide Growth Insights. Your customised Growth Insight Report provides actionable information and recommendations for planning and optimisation.

  • Clarifying your situation, goals and requirements.
  • Analysis of your website, content and online properties.
  • Competitive Strength and Potential.
  • Analysis of Potential Growth and Profit Impact.
  • Recommended Optimisation Projects and Strategies.
Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Campaign Management

Successful digital marketing campaigns require a coherent, end-to-end setup from ads to landing pages and follow-up. With reports and dashboards you stay up to date and you remain in control. 

  • Advertising Plattform choices.
  • Campaign and Conversion Goal setup. 
  • Performance tracking and adjustment
  • Creative, Copy Text, Formats.
  • Landing Page, Funnel and Engagement.
  • Targeting, Remarketing and Audience Build Up
Marketing KPI Dashboard

Online Advertising Campaign Optimisation

Testing and data driven optimisation is vital. It starts with the first exploratory campaign and continues with ongoing projects. Ongoing performance monitoring helps you selecting winning strategies.

  • Data driven optimisation
  • A/B Testing and statistical analysis
  • Discovery driven testing of new strategies and tactics.
  • End to end testing of ads, headlines, call-to-actions, landing pages and email sequences.
Consent Management

Data Privacy and Consent Management

Protecting your visitors and customers privacy is a basic, legal requirement and a matter of trust in your brand and services. How do you maintain compliance? How to increase opt-in rates to support your online sales process?

  • Support in Implementation of GDPR / DGSVO conform data privacy declarations.
  • Support in selection and implementation of a Consent Management Platform and Tools. 
  • GDPR / DSGVO conform implementation and integration of Cookie-Consent-Tools, Cookies, Pixels, Tags and Conversion Tracking.
  • Optimization, A/B Testing and Implementation of GDPR /DSGVO conform Consent Rate Optimization. 
  • Support in Implementing best practices for digital marketing compliance.
  • Implementation of double opt-in for newsletters. 
GDPR Data privacy best practices

As an eRecht24 Agency Partner we are supporting our customers in the implementation of correct GDPR / GSGVO conform data privacy declarations.

eRecht24 Agentur Partner Siegel
Consent Management Platform (CMP)

As a partner of Usercentrics we are supporting you with the selection and implementation of your CMP (Consent Management Platform). 

Consent Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We provide Consent Rate Optimisation to help you maintain marketing performance and grow your addressable marketing audiences. For consent rate optimisation we recommend a data-driven, test-driven approach and application of best practices from marketing and behavioural economics.

Email Double Opt-in Optimisation

Growing and using your email list requires double opt-in from subscribers. We help you optimise double opt-in during signup and increasing retention rates. 

More about these topics in our Blog, Podcast and YouTube channel

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GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. 

DGSVO = Datenschutz Grundverordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Disclaimer: We do not provide legal advisory services. In case you require a legal review, we will be happy to connect you with expert legal advisors. As Digital Marketing Agency we focus on Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Optimization.

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Google Ads
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Google Ads Video
Google Ads Video Certification
Google Ads Display
Google Ads for Shopping
Google Ads Mobile sites
YouTube Channel Growth
YouTube Advertising, Remarketing
Microsoft Ads (Bing) Accredited Professional
LinkedIn Talent Solutions
LinkedIn Advertising
LinkedIn Sales Solutions
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