Project Risk Management

Assessment, Optimization, Mitigation

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Advisory for executives, investors and project managers

  • Sensitivity analysis.
  • Dynamic simulation and optimization.
  • Feasibility assessment of project plan and resource levels.
  • Optimization of deliverables, budget and schedule.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Project control.
Risk simulation supports agile projects, programs, marketing campaigns and due diligence for significant investments.

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About this service

For executives, investors and project managers who need to ensure success of projects we are providing project risk advisory services.

Success and failure of projects can be influenced by different factors. The larger the project scope to more the project is at risk. But more importantly the projects are increasingly impacted by VUCA: Vulnerabilities, Uncertainties, Complexity, Ambiguity.

It is vital to understand the risk and return profiles of projects, program and campaigns and digital transformation projects.

During a project risk assessment to are covering key questions such as:

  • Is the project plan feasible?
  • What is the required resource level?
  • Schedule: What are the chances that milestones, deadlines and project goals can be met?
  • Budget: What is the probability that the project budget is met or exceeded?
  • What is the probability of penalties and their magnitude?
  • How can a project under distress be turned around?

The output includes

  • detailed analysis.
  • sensitivity analysis of budget and schedule risk.
  • recommendations for optimization and risk mitigation.

Unlike basic project management our approach includes dynamic and stochastic modelling of project plans. This is important for classic, waterfall approaches and agile project delivery.

This advisory services is applicable to different states of the project

  • Project planning and initiation.
  • Progress review.
  • Project turn-around.
  • Project control.
  • Investment projects, where return on investment matters and a second opinion is desired.

Project teams benefit from including sensitivity and uncertainty in planning, resource allocation and adjustment.

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