Product Recall Management

How to prepare and manage product a recall situation


A Product Recall can trigger a Domino Effect

Product Recall Management Services

  • Advisory services
  • Management workshops and training
  • Group coaching programs for large, distributed organizations
  • Risk assessment
  • Scenario simulations
  • Optimization of management systems
  • Webinars, live and recorded

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Product Recall Management Best Practices

Readiness – Responsiveness – Resolution – Recovery – Reputation

Prepare for and master the the challenging dynamics of product crisis and recall situations.

  • Key Challenges and Response Scenarios.
  • How to prepare?
  • How to cope with a recall situation?
  • What are the hidden dynamics? And how to manage them effectively?
  • Orchestration the recovery and resolution.
  • Concepts and Tools for Managers.

A product recall crisis can have a severe impact on your organisation. In can impact and harm customers and it can have a dramatic impact on your partners in your supply chain and in your business and innovation ecosystem.

Your ability to detect and respond to a such a crisis determines if you can preserve your reputation and financial stability.

The dynamics of a product recall situation

In this briefing series and in related seminars, services and workshops we are focusing on the dynamic behaviour of your business system in a such a crisis situation. Even if only a fraction of your products and customer base is impacted, a recall can have a dramatic effect. The feedback structures which lead to highly dynamic developments or a recall crisis are often not understood. For example:

  • A late detection of the crisis leads to an accumulation of cases. The longer it takes to respond the higher the likelihood that a user of the product in insured.
  • The product crisis can slow down your innovation which impacts on only current sales but your competitive position.
  • The word-of-mouth can spread the news about the crisis extremely quickly. This can have a dramatic impact on reputation and sales, but it can also help you overcome the crisis quickly.
  • The appropriate planning and allocation of staff and resources can help you reduce the risk exposure significantly and accelerate the resolution and recovery.

Product Recall Management Training Seminars and Briefings:

Check out related webinars, briefings and seminars in our event directory.

Product Recall Management Resources:

Find more information about Recall Management: Articles, Case Studies, Services, Online Briefings, Workshops and Seminars.

In our blog you can find articles about this topic and about highly relevant, related topics.

In addition to our briefings we offer advisory services.

Specialized Advisory Services for Product Recall Management:

For enterprises and organizations who are preparing for a potential product recall management crisis or who are facing currently a product recall situation we are providing advisory services including

  • Risk Assessment
  • Readiness Check
  • Operational and System Stress Test
  • Readiness Workshops
  • Optimization of Management Process operational Process, Analytics and IT Infrastructure
  • Management Simulations
  • Risk Scenario Planning
  • Crisis Management Advisory
  • Analytics and Forecasting
  • Employee, Customer and Partner Surveys.

A specialty of our work with leaders and their teams is to assess and optimize the organizational and management capabilities. You will benefit from blended learning progress which bring advisory services, in-house workshops and online briefings together into a comprehensive offer and experience.

Product Recall Management Simulation

We include multiplayer simulations in our training and blended learning programs. This experiential learning surfaces the key challenges and opportunities in a business and management system. Participants learn about the system dynamics aspects as well as pragmatic tools and concepts. The online briefings and courses in WITTIGONIA® Online Academy offer a great way to roll out the briefings in a large, distributed organisation to ensure that every member of the organisation benefits from the insights, tools and concepts.

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