Business Case and Pitch

How to create a solid and compelling story

How to build your business case?

Online briefing, training and group coaching

  • Short, bite-sized video briefings and step-by-step guide.
  • Group coaching and discussion.
  • For individual participants and teams.
  • Key areas: Business Case Elements, Financial Story, Reality Checks,
  • Works great in combination with the deep dive briefings.

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In-house Training

This service is also available as an in-house training session and workshop. Please contact us for details.

About this service

Why is a business case important?

What could be more energizing than having a great idea and making it a huge success? No matter if you are a startup, entrepreneur or working as a manager in an enterprise or public organization, you are facing tough questions at the beginning:

  • How to secure funding?
  • How much budget do you need?
  • How to convince decision makers?
  • How to engage stakeholders?
  • What do the investors expect to see?
  • Is the story sound and plan feasible?

These are only some of the questions which need to be answered. Too often a great ideas not not make the cut for project selections. And that is a shame!

Learn how to prepare a solid business case, apply feasibility checks and get in front of decision makers and investors witch a pitch they can’t reject.

This services comes in different flavours:

  • Online learning modules in the related briefing center.
  • In-house training and group coaching for small teams and large organizations.
  • Blended learning experiences.

During the learning experience we cover important topics such as

What is a business case?
What are the essential elements of a business case?
How to prepare a financial story?
What is a feasible plan?
What is unique benefits proposition?

And much more.

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