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International Call for independent Coaches and Advisors

Expression of interest

About the program

WITTIGONIA® is an independent partner for transformation, innovation and growth. We are expanding our service and delivery capabilities for our international clients.

Our clients include

  • large international organisations in the public and private sector,
  • high-growth and scale-up companies,
  • NGOs and not-for-profit organizations.

We are currently expanding our network for coaching, executive advisory and succession planning and support.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for expertise and skills in the following areas

  • Digital and Business Transformation
  • Design Thinking
  • People and Organization, Succession planning
  • Strategy
  • Data science, Big Data, advanced Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing
  • Software and Solution Delivery, IT management
  • Operations

How to get started?

Interested parties may want to get started by

  • joining the mailing list below or
  • by completing the initial survey. You will be contacted with further questions for pre-qualification.
  • by joining the online briefing of watch the latest replay.

Step 1

Get on the radar

Join the mailing list

Step 2

Complete your profile

Help us to help you. The information helps us to

  • match you with project opportunities
  • identify you as a candidate with your specific capabilities
  • keep you updated on business opportunities

Step 3

Watch the replay

Watch the replay from the latest briefing

  • Short video briefing
  • Program Updates
  • Q&A

Or/And: sign-up for one of the next life briefings.

Step 3

Watch the briefing

  • Short video briefing
  • Program Updates
  • Q&A

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