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Innovation & Renewal

Business Model, Product, Succession.


System Dynamics

Customer Base, Ecosystem, Organisation


Assessment & Mitigation

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Authentic, Coherence, Alignment, Leadership

As an independent advisor we are working with corporate leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers.

Our services include strategy, operations, risk, people & organisational capabilities.

With our extensive experience and expertise we develop a customised approach to support you and your requirements.

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Crisis Response and Prevention

“Crisis and Epidemic Response” – an interactive workshop seminar with simulations. For PR, Communication, Program Management. Engaging, insightful discovery and learning. Facilitation with real-world experienced Managers.

Systemic Fit (En/DE)

Systemic Fit Organisation go through changes over time: growth, calibration, new requirements, replacement of senior experts and business partners who go into their retirement phase. Especially for key positions it is sometimes challenging to find the right person for the right job at the right time. Leaders need to find the candidate who can not…