Transformation Dynamics and Impact

A WITTIGONIA® Insights Survey

Why do Digital and Business Transformation Initiatives succeed or fail?
This survey is looking for insights in the challenges and success factors of Digital and Business Transformation projects and their Dynamic and Impact. Digital and business transformation has become a top priority for many organisations and businesses. Transforming a business, building new products and business models on top of an ongoing operations is a challenging task for the organisation and its leaders and managers.

Participant information

Participants in this survey will receive a complementary access to the Briefing & Coaching Center “Transformation Dynamics and Impact – overview” on WITTIGONIA® Online Academy. The link with the free-of-charge access will be presented at the end of the completed survey.

Survey objectives:

The objective is to understand the Dynamics and Impact of Business and Digital Transformation Projects. Specifically the survey seeks to better understand

  • The key challenges of transformation initiatives.
  • The status of digital and business transformation in different sectors and industries.
  • The underlying reasons for the challenges.

Survey design

This is an online survey.

The survey is offered in English and German.

This survey is voluntary and anonymous. Information provided in this survey is intended for research and education purposes.

Participants receive information only if they express their interest in the the research results. Participants may also want to express interest in joining the mailing list to receive further updates about insights surveys, reports and and related briefing offerings.

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