Managing growth dynamics and acceleration

Viral accelerating growth marketing
A new online and blended learning course

Understanding the dynamics of growth is vital for growing a business, initiative, organisation and movement. This course brings together the aspects of growth with a focus on system dynamics. This course covers:

  • Understanding how “word of mouth” promotion works
  • Test your knowledge of viral, accelerating growth
  • Understand how to assess growth patterns. Learn why “Hockey-Stick Forecasts” don’t work.
  • Explore impact of growth marketing and “growth hacking” tactics
  • Video briefings, quizzes, tools, templates and group discussion

This course is built around a “blended learning” experience. It can be self-paced learning or a embedded in a team coaching or change initiative.

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Viral accelerating growth marketing

Shape Growth – Part 1: Managing Dynamics of Growth

Wide-spread adoption of a new product, service, initiative or movement is an interesting phenomenon. Many business and social innovators are looking for viral, accelerating growth to be head of the curve. The famous S-shaped growth curve is what many leaders are looking for.

What is driving accelerating growth? And what is the underlying dynamic which produces an s-shaped growth curve?

The participants in this course learn about accelerating, viral growth special focus on the dynamics, the change over time. Understanding the dynamic behaviors and the underlying feedback structure is vital in order to accelerate growth and to sustain the gains. In this course you will learn about

  1. Feedback structure of viral growth.
  2. How to create the conditions for acceleration? Expand knowledge and skills to apply it on your growth challenge.
  3. Test and advance your knowledge of viral growth.
  4. Why is it so difficult to assess the impact of viral growth?
  5. Video briefings, simulations, tools, templates and group discussion.

In this approach team members, managers and leaders engage in new way to lead successful growth initiatives.

You can benefit from this course in different forms:

  • Individual, self-paced learning. Engaging with the open community.
  • Dedicated team learning: In this case we will set up a dedicated learning environment for your team or organisation. Coaching and training packages are available for small and large organisations.
  • Blended learning approach: online courses combined with on-premise training.

Check out the online course or contact us for a custom offer for your organisation.

  • Short video briefings
  • Group discussion and coaching
  • Simulations
  • Case studies
  • Templates and Tools

We are combining industry experience with expert know how in

  • System Dynamics
  • People & Organisational Capability
  • Quality Leadership
  • Strategy and Operations Leadership

In our online and blended learning workshops at WITTIGONIA Online Academy participants benefit from new concepts, tools and real-world experience.

  • Open courses for individual participants.
  • Group learning with dedicated briefing rooms just for your organisation.
  • Blended learning: online and onsite.
  • Coaching of individuals and teams.
  • Consulting for planning, management and trouble-shooting your transformation initiative.
Blended learning
  • Online and onsite
  • Team engagement
  • Support the daily job
  • Time and cost savings
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  • Online course and eLearning modules for different aspects and job roles
  • Self-paced learning
  • Shared learning in group discussion
  • Saving time and travel cost
  • Suggesting topics and cases for group coaching
  • Mobility friendly
  • Provided through WITTIGONIA Online Academy
  • Leadership and Management coaching
  • Team trainings
  • Strategy workshops
  • Group model building
  • Simulation workshops
  • Scenario workshops
  • Training and game simulations