Innovation Impact Assessment

How happy are your stakeholders?

Understanding client satisfaction and impact of innovation is key for both making traction with a new product and for securing long-term profitable growth. At the time of renewal and replacement it is too late to worry about these questions. For public service organizations and NGOs new governance and legislation demands proof of impact and systematic improvement of services.

For companies and public service organizations who need to maintain highest customer and stakeholder satisfaction and to assess the impact of service we are providing Innovation Impact Assessments, Surveys and Optimization. Some sample areas of applications:

  • In depth analysis: what is really driving satisfaction?
  • Impact of technology enabled innovation.
  • Analysis and churn and attrition.
  • Service pricing optimization.

Impact surveys and assessments are an indispensable instrument for ensuring both economic and social returns on investments and innovation.

Performance Budgeting and Impact Assessments

The need for transparent, real-time and actionable stakeholder feedback is driven by several factors including

  • new regulations in the public sector, such as the EU requirement to focus budget on results and impact
  • accelerating competition by new business models such as moving from traditional business to subscription and service based businesses (Software-as-a-Service)
  • governance rules for boards and executives
  • and of course the viral effect of both favorable and unfavorable impact, for example in recall situations

We are working directly with you in order to support the generation of actionable insights and on the follow-up improvement and optimization. Our expertise combines the professional analysis with systematic improvement.

  1. Baseline performance: Understanding the current performance and perception by stakeholders.
  2. Optimization: developing plans and conducting projects for improving performance and impact. Estimating the impact of innovation. Making the dynamic consequences and dependencies transparent.
  3. Impact Assessment: assessing the improvement impacat and supporting continued growth.
  4. Accelerating adoption of innovation and leading change.

In this way, managers can fast forward into the potential future scenarios and make informed choices.

We are working closely with you and your stakeholders to understand the needs, the pain points, risk and opportunities.

Our work typically starts with a short orientation workshop to define the needs. We also offer facilitated workshops which involve the key stakeholders. Our expertise covers workshop facilitation, research & analysis, business and policy optimization as well as integration in IT environments.

Our stakeholder surveys are conducted with modern, mobile friendly state-of-the-art research tools.

  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Management information dashboards
  • Professional analysis (descriptive statistics, advanced statistics)
  • Expert support for policy design and performance improvement
  • Change management (organizational, operational)
  • System Dynamics and Simulations

We are combining research expertise with business and organisational expertise from real world projects and work experience.

We are also offering team and management workshops for improving perfomance and leading innovation.

Our approach and service offers are scalable and customizable to your needs and requirements.

  • Professional online surveys
  • Service and Product Portfolio reviews
  • New product requirements definition
  • Advanced pricing optimization
  • Professional in depth analysis beyond simple statistics (e.g. multi-variate analysis)
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Expert support for policy design, test, optimization
  • Integration in IT environments
  • Management reports and dashboards
State of the art technology
  • Mobile friendly
  • Agile insights development
  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence Reports
  • Security, Privacy
Actionable Insights
  • Statistics
  • Driver analysis
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Impact assessment
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Verification
  • User acceptance and verification
  • Leadership and Management coaching
  • Team trainings
  • Strategy workshops
  • Group model building
  • Simulation workshops
  • Scenario workshops
  • Training and game simulations
Performance Scenarios
  • Management “Flight Simulators”
  • Business experience
  • Insight & Foresight
  • Optimizing resource allocation & timing
Multi-method modeling expertise
  • Modeling of systems, business models and strategies
  • Policy Analysis
  • Expert modellers
  • Real world experience
  • Multi-method experience: System Dynamics, Agent Based, Discrete Event, Risk and Sensitivity analysis
  • Quantitative scenario planning